Design and sell your own fashion collection without spending a dime.

Modsly is the first online tool that enables you to design your own fashion collection and make money by selling it without having to invest anything but your time and creativity. You design and earn money. We sell, manufacture and deliver the product.

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Fashion revolution starts here!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a fashion designer? Would you like to design your own collection and earn money by doing what you love? And all this without having to worry about fabrics, stiching, sewing and all the boring stuff?
This was also our dream and that is why we created modsly. So that you can concentrate on your creativity and passion for fashion!

Your own collection as easily as that

Designing your own fashion collection has never been so easy. Modsly is a free online tool that enables you to choose among various different cuttings, styles and patterns to create your own unique fashion collection. You design, we take care of the rest.

Your shop, our service

As soon as your collection is ready, it becomes available in Modsly online store. Once an item from your collection is ordered, it is us who will take care of the manufacturing and delivery while you will enjoy your commission.

High quality product

We believe that the beauty of clothes lies in the passion that was put into designing them. We have been passionate about fashion for years. We designed and sewed hundreds of clothes already and the quality has always been our top priority. We cooperate closely with fabric manufactureres and sewing rooms to make sure that your fashion collection is not only unique but also of the best quality.

The Team

Jakub Budzik

Jakub Budzik


Aina Ambroszkiewicz

Anna Ambroszkiewicz


Magda Budzik

Magda Budzik