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Our mission

We believe that fashion is a combination of art and business. Our mission is to connect these two worlds in a more efficient and environmentally responsible way. We want fashion to belong to people, not nameless corporations, that's why we are building a community of artists, designers and small business owners, and give them tools to efficiently achieve their goals in the world of fashion business.

Our core values

Meet the founders

As a team, we combine our previous professional experience with a set of complementary competencies that has allowed us to create Modsly from scratch without any external help. We enjoy working together and are highly motivated to create an innovative solution that will disrupt the fashion industry!

Jakub Budzik

Modsly initiator and project leader. He is responsible for the technical and visual side of the project. Jakub has almost 20 years of experience in the post-production industry. He started his career as a graphic designer and later worked as head of the graphics and multimedia department in one of the first post-production studios in Poland. At a later stage of his career he was also involved in the creation of a new post-production studio, where he was responsible for all activities in the IT area.

Anna Ambroszkiewicz

She is responsible for marketing activities and growth hacking. A graduate of economics at the University of Warsaw. For over eight years she has been professionally involved in PR and marketing projects related to new technologies and e-commerce. Anna gained experience in startups, SME, international corporations and scientific institutions.

Magda Budzik

She is responsible for the product offer, PR and marketing on the Polish market. In the years 2006 - 2007 she co-created an e-commerce service for parents, where she managed the editorial team. Magda gained experience in the clothing industry by building a startup that allowed parents to design clothes for their children. She was responsible for the organization of production, including the preparation of the collection, selection of materials and coordination of the cooperation with sewing rooms.

TimelineOur story

A few years ago we came up with the idea to create an online application through which parents could design clothes for their children as well as immediately buy what they created and have it delivered at home.

At that time hardly anyone in Poland knew anything about fashion customization. People were surprised to even hear about it and didn’t believe that it could be so easy. Designing clothes was believed to be something that required a lot of skill and time. And a regular mum or dad had neither of those. It seems like at that time people were not yet ready for that. But now, it has changed and we can observe more and more stores offering some kind of customization (t-shirts with your own graphics being the most popular but also customized shoes or dresses).

Although the timing was not right, what we have learnt from that experience is priceless. So we got down to work and came up with a new idea. We have not abandoned the fashion industry but we decided to address people who want to have their own fashion brand.

As we know very well from our own experience what are the challenges and difficulties that a startup fashion business needs to overcome, we designed a tool that will make all these steps easy and does not require to have any budget to launch.

That is why we created Modsly, the online platform for designing and selling fashion designed by basically anyone.