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for artists

Upload your fabric designs, repeatable patterns, images and illustrations. Put your content to work and start earning money with your creations.

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Why join Modsly Artists' Community?

Work on your terms

You decide where and how much you work. You do not have to rush to work at 9 am and worry about deadlines. Working with Modsly means a flexible schedule and a lot of freedom.

Passive income

It's very simple. The more graphic designs you upload, the more money you can earn. You will receive a commission for every sale of a product that uses your graphics.

Non-exclusive agreement

The graphics you upload to Modsly, can also be shared on other platforms. We do not want to limit you in any way.

No minimums

You can send as many graphics as you like. You want to start with just one? No problem. Upload at least one file and start earning money.

Set new trends

By sharing your creative work you can have a real influence on fashion. Isn't it a great feeling that people around the world wear something created by you?

Change the fashion business

All our products are made only on demand. They are produced with respect for the principles of social and environmental ethics. By joining Modsly you can help make the fashion business more ethical and responsible.

How it works?

Uploading graphics to the Modsly platform is really simple. Just follow the steps below to start monetizing your content.

  • Create a free account
  • Upload your graphics and set your commission
  • Wait for the approval of your files
  • Start making money

Be visible!

Get your content an audience of millions. Modsly's fashion design tools can be used by everyone, opening up a whole new market for your graphic works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much commission will I receive?

    You can set your commission yourself. The default is 1 euro every time a product using one of your designs is sold. However, you may change it for each design once they have been uploaded. We suggest not to elevate the commission too much as it discourages the use of the design and, as a result, reduces your income.

  • How can I receive my commission?

    Commission payments can be requested in the payout section of your account. The minimum payment amount is 50 euro. We pay out via PayPal or bank transfer.

  • How do I upload my designs?

    As soon as you sign up to Modsly, you can go to your account and choose Designs from the Menu. You can add your graphic designs there but please note that each of them will be subject to our team’s moderation in order to assure the best quality of designs on the Modsly platform.

  • Is there a minimum number of graphics that I have to send?

    You can submit any number of files. Even just one. Remember, however, that by uploading more graphics you increase your chances for higher earnings.

  • Can I delete my designs?

    Yes, you can delete the designs from your Account and prevent any further use of them.

Are you ready to start?

Join Modsly, change the fashion business with us and earn a lot of money!