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for Influencers

We give you everything you need to create your own products and monetize your social media following. Start your own fashion brand with us!

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Your brand = Your business

Turn your social media reach into profit.

Tired of unpaid collaborations and promoting other people's brands? Create your own products and make real money by selling them. Start your own fashion brand and use the power of your social media to make it a big success!

How it works

All you need is an engaged community.

With Modsly it’s easy and you don’t need any extra skills to create clothes that your followers will love.
Share the clothes you created with your community and invite them to shop in your online store.
Make money
Secure a passive income that will allow you to live the life you always wanted and pursue your dreams.

Everything you want to know

But you’re afraid to ask...

  • Are there any requirements as to the size of my following?

    Not at all. Based on our experience, size is not as important as the engagement of your community. Even if you’re a micro or nano influencer, you can build a successful brand with Modsly.

  • Is using Modsly difficult?

    It’s very easy! Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create a few products and an online store in less than an hour!

  • Is Modsly for fashion influencers only?

    Not at all. Creating clothes with Modsly is so easy, that you don’t need to know anything about fashion. And the selection of available product templates make it possible to design items that can be attractive for different niches including travel, fitness and even dog or cat lovers.

  • Do I have to pay for using Modsly?

    Modsly is a 100% free platform. You do not have to pay anything while using it.

  • How much money can I make?

    This is up to you and depends on how many products you can sell. You also decide how much margin you will earn on the sale of each product and can modify it any time. Moreover, you can track your sales history and earnings within your account.

Who trusted us

Check out the stories of influencers who already use Modsly to sell their products and make money with it.

I made my first sale in just two days

Aina, blogger @

One of my dreams was having my own surf clothes brand but my traveler's lifestyle and always being on the go never allowed it. With Modsly, it took me 20 minutes to create my online store and imagine my joy when I got my first sale on the next day!

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Use the potential of your community and successfully build your own fashion business.